Outlaw Country from 1968-1977

Before We Forget: Outlaw Country from 1968-1977

Approximately a year in the making, the definition of this mix was made by cutting off extraneous material. Most of these songs were ripped from vinyl with the exception of a couple tracks.

Tracklist in the comments features Vernon Wray, Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Hurley, among others, avoiding the usual tropes of Gram Parsons (whose music I love but we’ve heard it before) etc.

Loudon Wainwright III: The Swimming Song, 1973
Townes Van Zandt: Standin’, 1972
Ronnie Lane with Slim Chance: Roll On Babe, 1974
The Beau Brummels: Little Bird, 1968
Tool Shed: Angel in Her Walk, 1970
Bobby Whitlock: The Dreams of A Hobo, 1972
Jerry Jeff Walker: Well of the Blues, 1974
Vernon Wray: Facing All the Same Tomorrows, 1972
Bobby Charles: Let Yourself Go, 1972
Willis Alan Ramsey: Angel Eyes, 1972
Willis Alan Ramsey: Muskrat Love, 1972
Jerry Jeff Walker: My Old Man, 1974
Michael Hurley: The Vt-Ore. Floor, 1977
Loudon Wainwright III: Lullaby, 1973

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