Middle Passage Soundways

MMiddle Passage: Birthday Soundways in an Abandoned Warehouse

On New Years, my friend Jamie Thompson of the Urban Flute Project, scouted an abandoned warehouse (Cadet Cleaners) with a group of urban explorers near St. Claire and Old Weston Road in Toronto, ON. Sometime thereafter, we decided to occupy the space on my birthday, so we brought one small generator, not knowing how long it would keep a charge, two mains, a powered mixer, mixing console, and a handful of lights, along with two mics, placed 10 and 80 feet apart from the soundsource. Tracks were especially arranged for this evening, and were intended to enhance the experience of walking through the space. We had to climb two fences and walk one flight of stairs to reach an appropriate space.

Complimentary, Heavily Edited Video Maelstrom: http://youtu.be/8LZASqyTxRQ

01 Alternation, Perception & Resistance by The Hafler Trio
02 Messages from the Unseen World ft David Tibet by Matmos
03 Eagle by Christoph Heemann & Merzbow
04 El Divisadero by Chris Watson
05 ‘Robolised’ Atomium Dawn Chorus by The Hafler Trio
06 This Little Light of Mine by Congregation Singers
07 Buddha – Layer 009 by Robert Henke
08 Alters of Science 8 by Marcus Schmickler
09 Plankton by Robert Henke
10 Full Moon at the Window by Bachir Attar
11 Mylar Breeze Parts I-II by Psychic Tv
12 Total Instant Relief by The Hafler Trio
13 Improvised Live Flute Accompaniment by Jamie Thompson
14 Prayer for Derek Jarman by Psychic Tv
15 Glowworms/Waveforms by Coil
16 Observatory by Monolake
17 Infinite Snow by Monolake
18 Cyan 22 by Michael Mantra & Charlz de la Casa
19 Queens of the Circulating Library by Time Machines
20 Going Up ft François Testory by Coil
21 [Holon] Slo Motion by Atom Heart
22 Definition Of Life by Outland
23 Life/Death by Silence
24 Synthetic Life by Second Nature
25 Group Healing Ritual by Yanomami Shamanising

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