Middle Passage Through Cadet Cleaners

Middle Passage Through Cadet Cleaners

Ideal listening/viewing conditions: in the dark with headphones. Turn captions on if you want to know what is being said.

On New Years, my friend Jamie Thompson of the Urban Flute Project, scouted an abandoned warehouse (Cadet Cleaners) with a group of urban explorers near St. Claire and Old Weston Road in Toronto, ON. Sometime thereafter, we decided to occupy the space on my birthday, so we brought one small generator, not knowing how long it would keep a charge, two mains, a powered mixer, mixing console, and a handful of lights, along with two mics, placed 10 and 80 feet apart from the soundsource. Tracks were especially arranged for this evening, and were intended to enhance the experience of walking through the space. We had to climb two fences and walk one flight of stairs to reach an appropriate space.

Presenting a maelstrom of cued sources, some captured on site, and others historical, including fragments of the following from archive.org:

1935 Streamline Express
1941 Magic in the Air
1941 The Blood of Jesus
1948 The Nature of Light
1948 The Nature of Sound
1950 Wheels of Progress
1951 The Man with the Watch
1976 The Universe
2013 Complimentary video footage by Jamie Thompson

Technical Sound Details:
Roland Edirol R-09 at 10 ft from primary sound source
Samson Zoom h4n at 80 ft from primary sound source

Edited, Merged & Marred Sound Fragments:
The Hafler Trio – Alternation, Perception, and Resistance (A Comprehension Exercise)
Matmos & David Tibet – Messages from the Unseen World
Christoph Heemann & Merzbow – Eagle
Chris Watson – El Divisadero
The Hafler Trio – ‘Robolised’ Atomium Dawn Chorus
Singers, Recorded by Alan Lomax – This Little Light of Mine
Robert Henke – Buddha Layer 009

Original Merged Off-the-Floor Document with 1hr 37m extra content:
Timestamped http://goo.gl/jQ8jl


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