Archival Recordings from The Australian Dreamtime

Archival Recordings from The Australian Dreamtime

In depth cultural anthropology selection (1957-1988) beyond the pale pleasantries of radio-friendly Aussie music. Lullabies, dream songs, mourning songs, dances, and didjeridoo. Fully annotated.

Before we forget: listen.

Yuendumu, Northern Territory: Rain Dreaming Ceremony, 1967
Eastern Arnhem Women: Women’s Mourning Songs, 1963
Ngukurr People: Island Dance Songs, 1963
The Wadaman Tribes: Walaka, 1957
Djawida: Didjeridu Only, 1962
Gulundu: Brolga Sung (Didjeridu Only), 1962
Cecil Goodman: Mundalbi (Sea & Rock), 1988
Darwin Island Singers: Army Tent/Bomb On Darwin, 1962
Malkari People: Centipede, 1963
Cape York Singer: Song associated with Bora, “Ontoimo Owa,” 1963
Aurukun, North Queensland: Women’s Wu-ungka Songs, 1966


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