Archival Recordings from Papua New Guinea

Archival Recordings from Papua New Guinea

Field recordings, domestic records, ritual invocations, church service, love songs, songs of death, and songs of mimicry. Annotated.

Part of a series featuring recordings from world coffee origins, focusing on historical or cultural expressions/anomalies rather than popular western forms or expectations. I hope this demonstrates a value beyond the black gold we extract from these diverse lands and peoples.

Dani Region Mission: Church Service In Angguruk: One, 1973
16 Waidoro Men: Dance, 1963
Munggona Tribe: Kaleluknye Limna, 1973
Madang District: Waudang, 1974
Simor, leader: Singing While Building A House, 1974
Notsi Children: Lukpau, Children’s Songs, 1974
Laï: I No Longer Love You, 1974
Kababas: Darim Fertility Song, 1974
West New Guinean Man: Love Song, 1973
Kupere Men: Song About A Bird, 1963
Payabe: Kulu Pape, 1974

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