Archival Recordings from Kenya

Archival Recordings from Kenya

Field recordings, tribal rituals, lullabies, and songs from East Africa. Annotated.

Part of a series featuring music and field recordings from world coffee origins, focusing on historical or cultural expressions/anomalies rather than popular western forms or expectations. I hope this demonstrates a value beyond the black gold we extract from these diverse land and people.

Chris Watson: Field Recording of Spotted Hyena Contact Whoops, Billashaka Luger, Maasai Mara, Kenya, 2003
Onyito School Choir: Olenyo Ber Neno Nyar Oganda, Luo, 1950
Mayinda Orawo, leader: Luo Ritual Burial Dance, 1969
Turkana Herdsmen: Turkana Cattle Song, 1969
Yaseen Mohamed & Party: Kula Ajae na Shari, 1973
Bekyibei Arap Mosonik: Iyan We Kimoino, 1950
Chemutoi Ketienya & Girls: Chemirocha, 1950
Nashil Pichen & Peter Tsotsi: Pole Musa, 1973
Orchestra Africa Jazz Onema Pascal: Furaha Ya Kanu, 1962
Yaseen Mohammed & Saada: Lala Mpenzi, 1967
Isaya Mwinamo: Lipa Kodi Ya City Council, 1967
Salome Nolega & Girls: Mulima Hale, 1950
Chris Watson: Vultures, Nine Birds Feeding On Zebra Carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya, 2003

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