Old & New Asian Pop Diaspora

Before We Forget: Old and New Asian Pop Diaspora

Pop music from Central, East, South, and Southeast Asia, including: Thailand, Cambodia, India, and elsewhere. Opens with a modern hip-hop track from Cambodia, which takes a lot of influence from the tracks that follow. Ends with a Thai taxi driver singing and temple doors in Angkor Wat being opened, or closed. Two tracks free here: http://www.aquariumdrunkard.com/2011/03/15/ad-presents-dengue-fever…/

Pictured: Young Maple-buds in a glass jar.

Loak Klang: Loak Klang, unknown date
Unknown Artist: Radio Broadcast, unknown date
Rian Daranoi: Chan Ru Than (I Know What You’re Up To), unknown date
Pov Vannary: Tirk Ho (Water Flow), unknown date
Zaw Win Shein: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? unknown date
Satyajit Ray: Charu Theme, 1964
Chitti Babu: Aadevu Paadevu, unknown date
Shankar Jaikishan: Good Times, Bad Times, 1970
Satyajit Ray: Charu Recalls Her Childhood, 1964
Pov Vannary: You Os Tirk Pnake, unknown date
Pan Ron: I Want to Be Your Lover, unknown date
Ros Sereysothea: Kom Nirk Oun Euy (Don’t Miss Me Baby), unknown date
Robert Mills, recording: Taxi Driver, Thailand – Angkor Wat Temple Doors and Water Sweeping, Cambodia

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