The Numen, The Soul, & The Body

The Numen, The Soul, and The Body

Traditional music angles and commentary from Eyvind Kang, Omar-S, Autechre, and various field recordings from Africa. Assembled from random notes in the course of a years’ listening. The tracks in this mix get shuffled and added-to/subtracted regularly, so listen often and listen well. Originally published Nov 15th, 2011.

Pictured: the brail-like labyrinth plaque near Trinity Church behind the Eaton Centre, Toronto.

Eyvind Kang: Binah, 2002
Abigail Washburn: Prelude, 2011
Jody Stecher: Oh the Wind & Rain, 1999
Ekkehard Ehlers: Nie Wieder Schnell Sagen, 2006
Omar-S: Psychotic Photosynthesis (Yanomami Shamanising Mix), 2007
Seefeel: Spangle (Autechre Remix), 2003
Unknown: Money! No! (Laos), 2005
Boards of Canada: From One Source All Things Depend, 2002
The Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Moscow Art Trio with Huun-Huur-Tu: Midnight Tale, 1998
Gogo: Awu Mungo Ya Wetu Amusolile Ko II., 1950
Noviciat de Soeurs Missionaires de Notre Dame d’Afrique & four religious drummers: Yesu Ka Mkwebase (Rwanda), unknown
Eyvind Kang: Live Low To The Earth, In The Iron Age, 2002

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