Rare Soul from the 60’s & 70’s

Before We Forget: Rare Soul from the 60's and 70's

49 minutes of old soul cuts culled from various points of interest on the internet, almost entirely from vinyl rips of 7″ records that are largely out of print. Tracklist in the comments, which includes tracks from Etta James, the Notations, and Holly Maxwell.

Pictured: wine at the bottom of a glass.

Love Apple: What Will Tomorrow Bring? 1978
The Darling Dears: And I Love You, 1972
Notations: I’m Still Here, 1971
Shirley Nanette: Sometimes, 1973
Shirley Nanette: Give & Take, 1973
Ann Sexton: Have A Little Mercy, 1973
Betty Wright: The Best Girls Don’t Always Win, 1968
Betty Wright: Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do, 1968
Tammi Terrell: Hold Me Oh My Darling, 1968
Holly Maxwell: Only When You’re Lonely, 1965
Nick & Valerie: I’ll Find You, 1964
Johnny & Jackey: Someday We’ll Be Together, 1961
The Checkmates Ltd.: Got to See U Soon, 1974
Heatwave: The Star of the Story, 1976
Etta James: I’d Rather Go Blind, 1968


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