Rare Psych & Pop from the 60’s & 70’s

Before We Forget: Rare Psych and Pop from the 60's and 70's

Many cuts straight from needle-drops, barely remastered, full of the warm crackle and pop of vinyl. Culled from estranged libraries (blogs these days), recommended sources, and outer orbits. Groups exhibited include Jerry Jeff Walker, Shadrack Chameleon, Elyse Weinberg, and others. Listen.

Pictured: “Forge Your Own Chains” Side B spinning on the turntable. Track B2, “Two To Make A Pair” by The Strangers. Issued by Now-Again Records.

Gary Farr: Don’t Know Why You Bother, Child (1969)
Beau Brummels: Little Bird (1968)
Robert Lester Folsom: Music & Dreams (1976)
Randy Burns: You’ve Got All of Love Standing At Your Door (1968)
Roger Shriver: Life Is Like A River (1969)
Marc Benno: Franny (1971)
Kaleidoscope: Life Will Pass You By (1968)
Wool: Any Way That You Want Me (1969)
Jackson C. Frank: Milk & Honey (1965)
Jerry Jeff Walker: Well of the Blues (1974)
Bobbie Gentry: Big Boss Man (1968)
Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause: I Really Love You (1979)
Free: Mourning Sad Morning (Alternate Version, 1969)
Shadrack Chameleon: Don’t Let it Get You Down (1973)
Ernie Graham: Sea Fever (1971)
Iain Matthews’ Southern Comfort: Road to Ronderlin (1970)
Elyse Weinberg: Houses ft Neil Young (1968)
Roy Buchanan: Please Don’t Turn Me Away (1973)
Tool Shed: Angel in Her Walk (1970)
Willis Alan Ramsey: Angel Eyes (1972)
John Kay: Two of A Kind (1972)
Iain Matthews: Seven Bridges Road (1973)
Tennent & Morrison: For in the Future (1972)
Gary Farr & The T-Bones: Give All She’s Got (1965)

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