Guitars & Field Recordings from Africa

Guitars & Field Recordings from Africa

A fifteen-track maelstrom of traditional rhythms and electrified highlife jams from Africa. The mix aims for maximum novelty, drawing from field recordings, modern collaborations, big band orchestras, to tribal, folk, and cafe music. Sourced as far back as 1950 to the present day if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in. Tracks by Marijata, Konono N°1, Ali Farka Touré, etc.

Pictured: a window-display on Queen Street East near Broadview Avenue in Toronto, ON.

Konono N°1 & Sylvain Chauveau: Makembe
Group Inerane: Kamu Talyat
Kabushi & Mwenya: Mwe Baiyashi
S.E. Rogie: Do Me Justice
The Greenwood Singers: All Fo’ You
The Witch: Feeling High
Ali Farka Touré: Hawa Dolo
Malinke Trio: Guitars & Kora
Marijata: I Walk Alone
Orchestra Baobab: Utra Horas
Celestine Ukwe & His Philosophers’ National: Ima Echi
Spiritual Singers: Nzo A Dise
The Ngozi Family & Chrissy Zebby Tembo: Gone Forever
The Witch: Home Town
Marijata: Brain Washing


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